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The Ultimate Doom

This time it’s for real! Doom 3, the long-awaited third installment in id Software’s hallowed Doom series of PC games, has finally landed. I admit I haven’t posted here in quite a few days because, well, I’ve been busy playing it, among other things I’ve been tied up with.

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Come In, Corneria!

Back in 1993 I remember buying a Super Nintendo game and excitedly reading the manual in the car on the way home. That game was Star Fox. One of the forgotten classics produced for the SNES, Star Fox has, in my opinion, the absolute best soundtrack of any game released on that platform, period.

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Prepping The Game Store

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I’m forgoing the Xbox/laptop drag-along this Christmas, and relying only on the computers at my parents’ house for gaming entertainment. Since one of these computers is a three-year-old notebook and the other is an eight-year-old Pentium Pro, I decided that the only games I’m going to be playing were games at least as old as these systems.

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