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Classic Star Trek, Classic Reference

"All right, Spock, whatever your game is, I'll play it. You want curry?"

"I think not."

"Curry, Spock? I CAN GET THAT FOR YOU!!!"

Please excuse me for this, but I happened across something this evening that reminded me of an age-old inside joke (that only my friends will get), and promptly wasted half an hour assembling this ridiculous comic of sorts in honor of it. It would have taken longer, but this place did half the work for me.

2 thoughts to “Classic Star Trek, Classic Reference”


    I love it!

    If only there were an appropriate screencap for “What’s the point of coming to freaking Vegas if you can’t play the dumbass Vegas Games?!?” 🙂

  2. Glad ya liked it. 😉 Oh — Vegas Games! What a fantastic idea. I’m not so sure about there not being an appropriate screencap…I’m working on something right now that might fit the bill.

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