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I Knew It Would Work Out As Soon As I Complained

It looks like my rant from a few days ago has been nullified — my GTO was picked up in Florida today by the auto transporter. Yeah, the same one that I originally hired. It all came together at literally the very last minute, but the courier managed to get somebody over to pick up the car with only hours to spare.

I won’t go into details about the actual process of loading the car, but it’s currently on its way to Miami, where it will be loaded onto another truck for transport to us here in Texas. There’s a lot of handing-off and switching-up during this whole process, but it sounds like I can expect to receive the car next Friday or Saturday.

Frankly, when I wrote my original rant about this process, I hoped that exactly this would happen; in fact, it further inspired me to write it in the first place. So many times it seems like I’ve complained about how everything was falling apart, only to have it work out at the very last minute (long after it seemed like it was a lost cause). It happened when I got my HDTV in 2002 and when I had my Formula 350 shipped to me in 2003. And now it’s happened again. I used to feel stupid when this happens, but now I don’t care — so long as everything works out, who cares if I look like an ass.

Now, hopefully the GTO arrives undamaged and on time. If it does, none of this roller coaster ride will even matter.