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Oddcast 1/11/2012: Star Trek Online

[notice]The Oddball Oddcast returns! Far from the polished and post-produced pseudo radio shows of the past, the new Oddcast is a no-frills audio blog where I simply discuss my thoughts on various topics instead of writing about them. From video games to rants, the Oddcast is Chief Oddball’s easy outlet for spur-of-the-moment rambling when a keyboard isn’t handy.[/notice]

This episode of the Oddball Oddcast discusses Star Trek Online, soon to relaunch under a free-to-play model, and the nigh-uncontrollable compulsion I feel to play it despite having very little time or appetite for MMOs. Which half of my personality will win out: the dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie, or the busy dad with no patience for online buffoonery?