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Random Machinations

I needed some catch-up sleep this weekend. It was a pretty harried week, what with the all-nighter I pulled on Monday when I suddenly decided it was time to revamp this blog, and the late-night iPhone 5 launch preorder at Thursday’s end. Having recuperated sufficiently, I enjoyed the first weekend of absolutely no work that I’ve had in quite a while. As a bonus, the weather cooled off drastically and, despite the clouds, we enjoyed the fresh air.

We hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant across town this evening, picked up the weekly load of groceries, and played around with Connor in between his naps. Tomorrow looks like another cool and quiet day of hanging around the house, but we’ve also planned a quick trip out to the ice cream parlor.

On Monday, barring any further insanity, my iPhone 4S should be arriving at its destination and Amazon will evaluate it for trade-in worthiness shortly thereafter. Assuming UPS hasn’t destroyed it in the midst of all this screwing around, and further assuming that Amazon deems it worthy, I’ll have some money in my pocket. I was debating getting an Android phone for a while, but I think I’ll probably just pick up an iPhone 5 if that payoff actually occurs.

I have to credit my wife for the best idea of all, though — if I end up getting the trade-in value, she suggested I wait until we go to Michigan to try and grab an iPhone at the store. The sales tax rate there is 2.25% less!

I also decided to finally get with the times this weekend and start using IMAP email instead of POP3. Since I find myself accessing email on so many more devices lately, this seemed like the smart move. I’m always cursing myself for sending an email on my phone (so that I can’t easily review what I said later when I’m at my desktop) or downloading a message off the server before I’ve had a chance to retrieve it on some other device. With IMAP there’s no need for these problems since you have all of your folders everywhere at all times. So I’ve spent the evening painstakingly converting my whole email storage system in Thunderbird over to a server-based system with yearly archives stored locally. It’s taken far too long but it will be worth it.

And now that all of the upkeep is out of the way, I’ve got a story to finish reading.