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It’s sleepy-bye time here in Frisco, but as the night begins to settle in, I’m wired. As usual.

Everyone else has long since gone to bed, but I’ve got far too much on the mind for sleep just yet. Two days away, after all, is our closing date: the day we pay a big chunk of change for the privilege of living in our own home. Everything was supposed to be settled and done by now, but as always, there was just enough chaos in the mix to introduce lingering uncertainty. I’m happy to report, at least, that this kind of uncertainty concerns only trivial issues like whether we take possession of the home on Saturday or Sunday. The fact that we will take possession, at last, is certain.

The biggest complication? In addition to being our closing date, Monday is also President’s Day — a fact that every party to our transaction overlooked until this afternoon. Our lender finally submitted the docs for our loan to the title company today, but never got around to finalizing and returning the settlement statement that the title company generated, probably thinking it wouldn’t matter because Monday is a holiday. Well, not for us, and not for our title company.

The closing will proceed as scheduled, but unfortunately I was not given even the draft of the settlement statement until after 4 PM today, which is after the cutoff time for wire transfers to fund same-day. Thus, the wire I sent won’t fund until Tuesday — the day after closing.

This isn’t really that big of a deal except that the sellers have a stipulation in the contract that says they get to lease the house back from us for four days after funding, not closing, thus potentially delaying our actual move-in by one day. They asked for this because they were afraid that our financing would fall through (I can’t really blame them) and they are saving the bulk of their actual move-out for those four days. My hope is that we can convince them that the funding is all here and it’s just a wire transfer delay due to President’s Day, so they won’t try to push back their lease by a day. Sadly, my bank can provide no written evidence that I submitted the wire, but offered to host a 3-way conference call between us and the selling party wherein they could say that the wire has been submitted. Whatever…my brain is starting to melt at this point, frankly.

All-in-all, though, this process will be over within 7 or 8 days, with the 7 or 8 being the only real question left — so I think we’re in a pretty good position here, finally.

In the meantime, it’ll be business (mostly) as usual. This evening we all got together at my boss’s house for hamburgers, hot dogs, Bratwurst and good company — a fabulous time. We spent most of the night on the patio, enjoying the cool and dry Texas breezes after a day of over 80 degree temperatures, a welcome change from the snow and ice we had just one week ago. The weekend looks to be fairly quiet, consisting of one part sidework and one part leisure time, during which I hope Apple and I can get back out on the town for further exploration or even some grocery shopping. Any time we get to spend together is always a good time.

No doubt I’ll post the results of the closing come Monday night, so stay tuned.