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I started this day thinking that maybe I’d go to Gameslop Gamestop and pre-order the Halo: Reach Limited Edition. Then I started thinking that maybe I should throw down a ton of money and get the Halo: Reach limited edition console. It would allow me to upgrade to the new, slimmer, quieter Xbox 360 design with its built-in Wireless-N and dedicated Kinect port, not to mention that cool Halo-themed silver design that’s right up my alley.

After crunching the numbers, checking stock (Gamestop’s sold completely out of anything Halo) and making some calls, I finished the day with a pre-order of nothing at all.

Back to plan A: Sit back, do nothing, see if there’s any leftover stock that gets marked down.

Edit: Went with plan A(2): Preordered the Limited Edition from Amazon with release-day delivery for only $0.99 extra. Received a $20 game credit for my trouble. Amazon just kicked Gameslop’s ass.