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Proud New Owner

I am now, officially, a 2006 GTO owner. Even though the car is not here in my garage yet, it now belongs to me! (Well, and Bank of America.) After a painfully long five months of waiting, today Apple and I drove up to Orlando and signed the paperwork on GTO order number JGTPG6. The car was beautiful, stunning actually, and it drove, handled, and felt like a dream. My time with it was sadly limited, and the weather was only partially cooperative, and the traffic…oh sweet Jesus, the traffic. But all complaints aside, it was a great day, and one that I will never forget. I want to thank Apple in particular for sticking by me today and putting up with the whole ordeal, right down to when we finally got home at 12:30 in the morning!

I’ll soon post a full account of the events this weekend, complete with pictures. But in the meantime, here’s just one photo that I’ll leave you with. It is, shall we say, proof enough.

Ignition key, owner's manual and 2006 GTO sales catalog

Ignition key, owner’s manual and 2006 GTO sales catalog