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The World According To Darfh

The last few days have been quite hellish in these parts (heck, the entire summer has been hellish), so I’ve been pretty much cooped up inside my air conditioned house for the past week or so. Getting tired of the same old, same old, today I decided to trek out to the EB Games closest to my house (note: this EB Games is also a stone’s throw from two or three GameSpots as well). While I was there I remembered that I was getting pretty low on Memory Card space, so I decided to pick up another card. Since it was a bit cheaper, I ended up buying a “pre-owned” memory card.

Yeah, I know.

The first thing I notice upon getting home: this is a Japanese PS/2 memory unit — the katakana script on the card is a dead giveaway. Okay, no problem, though: I can still use it. Upon inserting the PS/2 and checking the contents of the card, I got quite a laugh. Seems that the previous owner of this memory card — Scott, according to one of his game save profiles — didn’t feel like clearing off his savegames before pawning off the unit. Ah, mirth and merriment abound.

First off…what’s this? 007: Nightfire? Ah, I see you were suckered into buying that piece of crap too, eh, Scott? I remember plunking down $50 for that wonderful game back in the day — now you can get it for $0.99 (I’m not joking). Scott’s not off to a good start with his game library.

Next…NBA Street Vol. 2? You mean someone bought that game? Yikes.

But wait, there’s more! Blitz: The League…Harry Potter Quiddich World Cup…and just about every single Grand Theft Auto known to man (okay, the GTAs aren’t bad). But the biggest head scratcher came from the dude’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2 save game. You see, according to the savegame files, Scott decided to give his ingame profile the name of…Darfh-Jew. Yes, “Darfh-Jew”. Ignoring the fact he apparently misspelled “Darth”, what exactly is a “Darfh-Jew”? Is it a kosher Sith Lord? One that does bar-mitzvahs? (I’m sure the Force Choke bit goes over really well) I’m just trying to wonder what exactly possessed “Scott” to come up with the name “Darfh-Jew”.

The world…may never know.

4 thoughts to “The World According To Darfh”

  1. Bahahahaha — I love this kind of stuff. As if it wasn’t funny enough getting to see what people saved on their discarded memory cards, hard disks or whatever, the whole “Darfh-Jew” thing is just too frakkin’ weird. Maybe Scott talked with a lisp?

    A kosher Sith Lord…ROTFL.

  2. In retrospect I probably should have taken a screen capture for posterity’s sake, but I wanted the free space on the memory card. Seriously, dude didn’t have too many save files, but there was only 1.5 MB left on the 8 MB card. Of course, when you consider his SOCOM 3 update file was nearly 3 MB, you begin to see why there was hardly any space left on the card. Also, interestingly, Scott just turned the thing in recently — his System Config file was last dated 7/18/06. Not important, obviously, just something I noticed.

    But yeah, the whole “Darfh-Jew” thing was definitely odd. “Darfh”?!?!? That’s worse than “Darth Vada”.

    And what’s the deal with all the frakkin’ lurkers here today? Every time I log on there’s between 3-5 lurkers present. Odd.

  3. Yeah, “Darth Vada” has nothing on “Darfh-Jew.” My next hypothesis of the hour is that perhaps Scott was legally blind, and thought that “f” was a “t”, but as you say, the world may never know.

    According to my super-secret admin tool that shows me the IP addresses of unregistered visitors, I’ve found that the multi-lurkers are actually a spider from an image search engine called Search spiders these days have the rather rude habit of opening up multiple connections at a time while spidering a site.

    My statistics script has several “known spiders” built in that identify as “Bots,” but this one I’m going to have to add myself.

  4. Oh, good. I thought we were gaining notoriety with the Puffy-loving, muscle car enthusiasts of the world. Good to see we’re still as obscure as ever. Wouldn’t want any pesky “people” to read this site and our ramblings, right? 🙂

    As for Scott…I have no idea. It was definitely an “f” in “Darfh”, though — the letter was curved at the top, not the bottom.

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