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Awesome 1:18 Scale KITT!

KITT on the shelf, scanning away
KITT on the shelf, scanning away

Many thanks to Reaper who got me the bloody awesome 1:18 scale diecast KITT replica for my birthday! It just arrived today, so naturally I unpacked it and set it up on my shelf next to my computer, where all of my favorite die-casts go (including the 1973 “Eleanor” Mustang). Naturally I also took a picture with the scanner on, haha. Reaper also sent me a surprise—a 1:18 diecast ‘69 Grand Prix SJ 428, which is awesome too. I didn’t even know they made a diecast of that. I remember seeing a similar car around town when I lived near Detroit. Really cool.

The KITT replica is the star of the show, of course, with its working scanner light, ejector seat, and GRPLG. HOOK, as well as removable T-roofs, opening doors, hood and rear hatch. The detail is pretty intense, too—they got almost everything right, down to the black door handles on the otherwise doeskin doorpanels. The only mistake is the amber fog lamps on the outboard edges of KITT’s fog light trays up front. It’s amusing, though, because replica KITTs (i.e., real-life replicas people build) often have those amber lights in order to comply with DOT requirements that you have turn signals visible up front. It looks like the modelers used a replica KITT as their design basis instead of the TV car! But if they did, they must have used a damn good replica, because everything else is spot-on. Fantastic job.

Well, to return the favor, Reaper: Your birthday present is finally on its way! Ikimaaaaasu!