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To say that a period of life changes is upon me now that we have a newborn at home is, obviously, an understatement. But there are changes afoot here at Oddball Update as well, and I thought I’d better mention at least a couple of them lest someone become…concerned.

Here’s the deal. Since I no longer have A) the time for extensive sidework projects or B) very much spending money, I’ve decided that all the time I spend writing content for this blog might as well earn me something. A lot of people hate writing and would clearly pay to offload that responsibility onto others, whereas by contrast, I heartily enjoy it. Since that equation typically forms the bedrock of any capitalist venture, I decided it was time to grab hold and leverage it.

I’m going to continue posting game reviews, journal entries, project updates and rants, just as I usually do. In addition, though, you may see the occasional post from “guest authors” who have sponsored space on this blog for entries about one topic or another. (You’ll be able to tell them apart from regular blog entries because of their design and the nametag they’ll carry.) Those of you who know me might also be perplexed by the subject matter of certain entries I myself might write from time to time, or the websites I might link to. If you see bizarre stuff like that, it’s because I’ve accepted writing assignments to add commissioned content on behalf of someone.

At the moment it’s just an experiment, but I thought I’d issue fair warning.

In unrelated news, yes, I know the front page “featured post” image carousel doesn’t look quite right. I upgraded the plugin that powers it, forgetting for the moment that I had customized its appearance to suit my needs, and the upgrade blew those changes away. I’m going to re-integrate them in an upgrade-safe manner, but it might take a couple of days. Just so you know.