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Finally – More Knight Rider Music!

The new Knight Rider soundtrack CD by Don Peake

The new Knight Rider soundtrack CD by Don Peake

It’s finally happened. After years of stonewalling, Universal has given Don Peake the go-ahead to release a new album of Knight Rider music. Shown here, this special limited-edition album (of which only 1,000 copies were made) is a special gift to German fans of Knight Rider, who are arguably even more rabid (and more organized) that fans here in the United States. On the disc are 70 minutes of selections from six episodes, including “White Bird,” “Let It Be Me,” “Mouth of the Snake,” “The Scent of Roses,” “Junk Yard Dog” and “Halloween Knight.”

I can tell from that list that this is not going to be another simple album of incidental music; all of the above episodes contained special cuts of unique and stylized music, beyond the usual Knight Rider theme. The only downside to that is that there may be a distinct lack of “traditional” Knight Rider cuts, in other words, tracks containing samples of the theme and its mainstay accompaniments. But since the cover art says “Volume 1,” I’m hopeful we can expect at least one follow-up album. Personally, I’d like to see a disc containing the best of Knight Rider’s chase, action and suspense sequences!

These discs will be available exclusively at the Knight Nationals in Vandalia, Ohio next weekend, at least until Don Peake is able to put together an American release. I have at least one source who has agreed to pick me up a copy of the album. I anxiously await this new treasure—and hope it will be as pleasing to the ear as Don’s last soundtrack collection!