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What Time Is It? What Day Is It?

My wife and I are just back from two weeks in Thailand! What a great time we had. Took millions of pictures (okay, more like four hundred, but who’s counting). Saw all kinds of fascinating stuff, enjoyed some truly beautiful places, and now we’re both dealing with the rigors of jet lag. Like, what day is it? What time is it? Should I be going to bed or just waking up? My circadian rhythms haven’t got a clue either, and so I’ve been nodding off at 8 in the evening and waking up at 6 a.m. Last night I actually dozed off at the computer!

The fact that I woke up insanely early this morning—feeling perfectly rested, I might add—allowed me to get out to the garage and spend two hours cleaning up the Trans Am. That car had not been washed thoroughly since mid July, I kid you not. I’ve just had too much to do, and a hurricane coming every week—it never stopped raining here in nearly all that time. I do not get much enjoyment out of driving a dirty car, so the task of driving has been just that—a task—for months now. Well, in Thailand I obviously didn’t do any driving, and by the time we got home I was DYING to get behind the wheel again. So I cleaned and detailed the T/A, swapped out the restrictor plate in the Borla for a beefier sound, and fired her up.

OMG YES. I promptly flung her out onto the road and launched my way to 70 miles an hour. Following that was a trip around town that definitely put the “joy” back in “joyride,” let me tell you. And I was pleased to see that my new BFGs had not lost even a pound of air.

I’ll have much more to tell in the coming days. Indeed, before I do that, I have an email to send out to a friend with many more details, which I’ll wrap up about as soon as I can shake off this jet lag. My parents are in town this weekend too for my dad’s birthday (happy birthday, Dad!), but I expect to be back into my usual routine by next weekend.