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Mass Effect: Sci-Fi Brilliance with Annoying Aftertaste

I’m completely enthralled by Mass Effect, the new sci-fi adventure game for the Xbox 360. It’s simply one of the most engaging single-player experiences to hit the Xbox this year, along with BioShock. But while the game is all kinds of excellent, it tends to leave a somewhat nasty aftertaste when it hits you with its idiotic auto-save system (or lack thereof) and a couple of other minor, but recurring, irritations.

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Impressions: Three Xbox360 Game Demos

I took a break this evening for long enough to briefly try three new game demos for my Xbox360 which I downloaded from Xbox Live. Figured I might as well post my impressions here for the “daily update.” Burnout: Revenge The latest game in the Burnout franchise is the first to arrive on the Xbox360, but it’s not much different from the PS2 and Xbox versions that have been out for a while now.

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