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Farewell, Red Arrowhead

…In the misty morning, on the edge of time We’ve lost the rising sun, a final sign As the misty morning rolls away to die Reaching for the stars, we blind the sky …Oh they say that it’s over And it just had to be Ooh they say that it’s over We’re lost children of the sea …Black Sabbath, “Children of the Sea” (1980) On Monday, April 27th, 2009, General Motors announced the discontinuation of Pontiac Motor Division.

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Dump Truck

Apple and I spent the morning hauling another huge load of recyclables and trash to the local recycling center, or as I affectionately call it, “the dump.” We used my boss’ truck to transport all the goods. This was the second time I’ve done this, and I have to say it was a lot easier with Apple’s help.

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