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Star Trek Online: Latest Screenshots

I last posted about the massively multiplayer PC game Star Trek Online during the open beta phase. The game hit retail release in early February, and now that it’s been several weeks since then, what’s the current state of the game? Am I still playing?

In fact, today was the first time I logged onto Star Trek Online in almost two weeks. I have Mass Effect to thank for this — as much as I love all things Trek, Mass Effect is simply a far superior sci-fi RPG in every conceivable way. But I like to bounce back and forth between my hobbies (and obsessions!), and because today was a Star Trek day in every other regard (hint hint), I decided to change things up and take a seat at the helm of my Constitution-class starship once more.

Star Trek Online has been steadily improving over time, and a number of the more irritating bugs have been fixed since I last ventured out into the Alpha Quadrant. Notably, my ship’s bridge officers are finally allowed to wear the custom Next Generation style uniforms that came with my Collector’s Edition of the game, so now we all look pretty spiffy as we tool around on those away missions. (Also, if you have the TOS-style uniforms, the “Roddenberry Special” miniskirts are now available to your female officers, for which I’m sure they’ll, ah, thank you.) There has also been a litany of gameplay enhancements, new missions, new ship designs and other errata that are detailed in much depth on the STO website. If you hate the lack of content on the Klingon side or have a beef with the overall gameplay mechanics, you’re going to continue to be disappointed — probably forever. But there it’s clear that Cryptic does keep improving and evolving the game as we go.

I’m still a lowly Lieutenant Grade 6, which essentially means I haven’t amounted to a hill of beans in the STO universe. Unlike two weeks ago, now I find myself surrounded by huge Galaxy and Sovereign-class ships as I fly through sector space, a grim reminder of the fact that tons of other players have leveled way, way past me while I was busy recruiting the galaxy’s best and brightest for Commander Shepard’s suicide mission. (Hey, the Normandy ain’t gonna fly herself, no matter what EDI might tell you. I make no apologies.)

While I haven’t yet spent enough time to offer a more in-depth review of the new content and the other enhancements that lurk just beneath the surface, I did take a bunch of screenshots that might give you a glimpse into the exciting and ever-changing world of Star Trek Online. If you have a soft spot for the original Enterprise as I do, some of these shots may be a real feast your eyes.

U.S.S. Songkhla (NCC-104750-A)
Tugboat Duty: Towing a Wrecked Freighter
Entering Standard Orbit While Deftly Avoiding the Asteroids
Ensign Sansanee and Captain Harvie on the Bridge
Not Exactly an Ideal Vacation Spot
The Constitution-Class Ship's Unique Blue Phasers
Sansanee, More Interested in a Tribble than the Mission
Ready to Repel the Klingon Invasion of Vulcan
It's Drive-In Movie Time at Starbase One!
My Recreation of a Classic TOS Orbit Shot
Second Star to the Right, and Straight On Till Morning
Lending a Hand to a Disabled Crewman
If It's Borg, Shoot It!

2 thoughts to “Star Trek Online: Latest Screenshots”

  1. Captain Harvie…!

    I bet he sneaks into Ensign Sansanee’s quarters each night and steals her chocolate cake.

    And glad you liked the birthday gifts! Now you can watch Space Hippies and Space Lincoln in FULL GLORIOUS RESTORED video and audio!

  2. Ironically I was just reading that story a couple of days ago. ^__^

    Then after he steals the cake, he can put it back in the fridge and play the part of the irritated captain who gets summoned to deal with mundane issues. “OK, so it’s sitting right in there and you say some boffo stole it? I’m the captain of this ship, Sansanee! Call somebody who cares. Like maybe Admiral Quinn; I bet he’d loooooove to hear all about your missing cake! Christ.”

    Don’t forget about Spock’s Brain! I imagine that’d be a lot more entertaining than Space Hippies or Space Lincoln. (Just about anything is more entertaining than Space Hippies, actually.) Season 1 is the real gem here, of course — those are probably among the best episodes, unlike every other Trek series since, where ironically the first season is always the worst.

    Also, writing this post reminded me of one of the things I miss most about playing PC games: the ability to take your own screenshots.

    Thanks again for the goodies!

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