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Oddball Update Relaunched

With monumental changes in my life just around the corner, what better time to reintroduce my online outlet for it all? Oddball Update Revision X makes reviews more prominent, adds a brand new look and introduces a smattering of modern technologies (HTML5 and CSS3) — and, with any luck, will actually be updated more than once a quarter.

For a while, over the past month, I experimented with a tumblelog at Tumblr under a different domain name. It was interesting, but I found myself drawn back to Oddball Update and the WordPress platform that powers it (especially because, since this site is hosted on my own server, I have much greater control over it). Having put the Tumblr experiment on ice, I’ve decided to refocus my efforts on Oddball Update, including what I hope to be a return to the kind of posting that this site used to see in its early days.

You’ll notice that I’ve divided the site into two categories: the Blog section and the decidedly more colorful (in one way, anyhow) News & Reviews section. The former is home to my journal, commentaries, rants and opinions on cars, tech and the news of the day. The latter is where I review video games, movies, music, electronics and whatever else I might be passionate about. If you’re considering any of the products featured therein, my opinions might be of some value to you.

Since this is a brand new installation of WordPress, rather than a simple upgrade of the legacy Oddball Update installation, you may find some familiar things missing. While Oddball X isn’t entirely feature-complete, it’s 90% of the way there and I hope to fill in the gaps over the coming days.

In what is perhaps the biggest sea change of all, open comments are allowed. This means that you no longer have to register or login to post a comment on an article; however, all comments are still moderated for first-time visitors. User registration is still possible, and is recommended for family members and friends as I can give your accounts access to certain posts (family photos, etc.) that the general public wouldn’t otherwise see.

Now, off to write some new blog posts and reviews. As I am no longer a Florida resident, though, you may find the new Oddball Update short on rants about crotchety old fogies. I promise, you won’t miss them.

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