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Photos: GTO at Sunset

I haven’t taken any new photos of my GTO since 2006, embarrassingly enough. After the recent oil leak problem was addressed, I had a renewed interest in taking the car out for a spin. After an early-morning car wash on Saturday, I decided that some new low-light photos were in order. Saturday evening’s weather wasn’t cooperative, but tonight we had a pretty nice sunset underway, so I headed out.

Being Sunday — and the off-season, to boot — the parking lot of a local private school was empty and ripe for the photographing. I also finally had the opportunity to solve the big problem with most of my parking lot photoshoots: the damn white lines crisscrossing all through the frame. This time I parked in the middle of the access road where parents are supposed to let their students off in the morning. Conveniently, there was a flood lamp a short distance away that provided some fairly good diffuse fill light.

I’ve hand-picked a few photos from the shoot that came out especially well. Hit the “Continue Reading” link to see them, or find them all on my Flickr photostream.

2 thoughts to “Photos: GTO at Sunset”

  1. Thank you! I happened to see the sun setting a few nights ago and thought that the colorful sky would make a good backdrop for some long-shutter photos. I wasn’t disappointed.

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