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Hit the Weekend

Another glorious Saturday has arrived. Normally I spend much of my weekends playing games, although the past couple of weeks have been a little bit different. Since we decided to officially put our house on the market and see what happens, we’ve been making some changes throughout just to make sure everything is in top shape, in case a prospective buyer happens to come by.

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Texas Bound and Flyin’

Although it was a horrendous and depressing movie, Smokey and the Bandit II is notable for its theme song: “Texas Bound and Flyin’,” performed by the Snowman himself, the late Jerry Reed. Although it was little more than an attempt by Reed to capture lightning in a bottle for the second time (it’s practically the same song as his hit “East Bound and Down” from the first film), it’s still a fun song — and is entirely apropos, I find, for what may become the next chapter of my life.

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