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Introducing Singuloddity

Today I’d like to announce the launch of Singuloddity, a new companion to the Oddball Update that I’m referring to as a “microlog”. It’s a place for me to post spur-of-the-moment topics based on things that are happening right now. Whether that’s a tidbit of news I just ran across, a photo I just took, an interesting place or situation that I find myself in.

Given Oddball Update’s recently reinvented image as “Your Place For Reviews!” and the fact that Twitter is just far too textually limiting for my usual brand of blather, this seemed like a move worth making.

I plan to cross-post links to new articles here on Oddball Prime over at Singuloddity, and my Twitter feed is on there as well, so you could theoretically follow only Singuloddity to keep tabs on everything I’m spouting off about.

I freely admit: it’s an experiment. One that may end ceremoniously in a matter of weeks or days. And oh yes, there’s precedent. But in case it does work out and Singuloddity sticks around for the long term, feel free to subscribe to the feed and see how long you can take it.