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Over and Done With

Finally finishing up this work day…and in turn, this work week. I just submitted the longest status report that I’ve ever written. It was hard to believe what a huge scope of work I did in just the last five days, but putting it all on paper in my report — as I do at the end of every week — made seeing believing.

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Run for the Border

Make a ruuunnnn…for the borderrrrr…Taco Bell! Okay, sorry. The ’80s just came back to me unbidden, as they so often do. Today Apple and I made our own run for the border: The border of Malaysia, rather than Mexico. However, what was going to be a fairly routine visa run and shopping trip turned into a bit more of an adventure than we expected.

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Hey, where’s the post about the giant robot angst? Suffice it to say, I’ll finish the second part of my Evangelion-themed entries a little later than I expected. In the meantime, my attention has been bouncing like a pinball from one new idea to another, and by now, my minor rediscovery of anime is only one facet of my overall sphere of inspiration.

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